clientstoriesMs. OEURNG Sophal, 37 years old, a resident in Bat Dambang Province

SOPHAL and her husband, Kimhong, are residents in Wat Kandal village, Sangke district, Bat Dambang province. The livelihood of this household depends on wet season rice cultivation.

Before taking out loan from IPR, Sophal cultivated wet season rice which was the only main source of income for the household. Though she had 4 hectares of rice paddy, still she didn’t get much income. The household had barely enough to pay for food and some basic needs for rice cultivation. Sophal always wanted to improve the rice cultivation and raise a small-scale poultry. But she was lack of capital. She has never taken out loan from neither any institutions nor local lenders before. On one hand the interest is high and on the other hand, she is afraid of not being able to pay back to lender. Her dream faded away from time to time.

In 2011, fortunately, she got to know IPR through a door-to-door campaigned. She was impressed by the flexible repayment condition and affordable interest rate. After consulting with the credit officer and discussing with her family, Sophal decided to take out her first loan from IPR. The first loan was successful. The rice cultivation produced high yield crop and Sophal could save money to buy a few piglets and raised at home. She was motivated by the first loan. So Sophal decided to take her second loan and then her third loan. Until now, Sophal has been taking out loan from IPR 7 times and currently, she is on her 8th cycle.

The livelihood and asset of the household have changed significantly from one cycle to one. The main household occupation is wet season rice cultivation. Moreover, the household invest on dry season rice cultivation, pig raising and khmer white wine production. By now, Sophal owns 6 hectares of wet rice paddy, 4 hectares of dry rice paddy. Two motorbikes were bought to ease the household’s travelling. Recently, she bought a plot of land (0.5 hectare) to grow cucumbers. Last but not least, Sophal bought a water pump to easily irrigate the rice paddy and vegetable farms.

Sophal praised IPR for helping her to improve the living condition of the household. She intends to expand her agricultural production further and will definitely continue choosing IPR as her financial partner.


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